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Leaders in Spain and Portugal in the distribution of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate.

Founded in Madrid in 1987, Saisa Chemicals is a family firm focused on the marketing, warehousing, handling and distribution of chemical products for industrial use.

Saisa Chemicals belongs to the Saisa Group, a family-owned group of companies covering a range of activities.

With an extensive sales network throughout Spain, Saisa Chemicals offers a specialist 360° service, based on over 30 years of experience in the chemicals sector. Its aim: to offer its clients and suppliers quality service and loyalty.

It is now uniquely positioned to serve the Spanish and Portuguese market, with headquarters in Madrid and logistical facilities in Tarragona, Bilbao, Aveiro (Portugal), Huelva, Cartagena, Avilés and Casablanca (Morocco). A total of more than 42,000 m2 and an extensive team of qualified professionals dedicated to delivering value to suppliers and clients in distribution, warehousing, handling and packaging operations.

Saisa Chemicals embarked on a process of internationalisation in 2009 when sales began in Portugal. The group also now has an international presence in North Africa (mainly Morocco) and in France.

The group fulfils all the required quality standards, and holds certification under ISO 9001: 2015, GMP+ and REACH approval for its products.


Saisa is the Ciner Group’s official sodium carbonate and bicarbonate distributor for Spain, Portugal and North Africa.
Ciner began operations in 1978, and has ever since been one of the largest groups in Turkey. Alongside such various fields as tourism and the media, the Ciner Group is a leading player in the glass and chemical products sectors.

One division of the Ciner Group is WE SODA, a holding company which includes ETISODA and KAZAN SODA in Turkey and CINER WYOMING in the USA, all of them sodium carbonate and bicarbonate producers. In both cases the product is 100% natural with 99.8% purity.

WE SODA produces 7.1 million tonnes per year. Production is expected to reach a level of 14.1 million tonnes per year by 2025.

The Ciner Group and WE SODA are the only companies to hold EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification as well as CDP and ECOVADIS (CSR) at silver level.

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COMMITMENT to clients, suppliers and staff.

EXPERIENCE underpinning our work.

RESPONSIBILITY in every action we take.

LEADERSHIP in our market positioning.

TRANSPARENCY in our management.


Consolidate our company values to achieve a level of dependability and efficiency, and so remain at the forefront of our sector.


Deliver value through our 360° management system to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the product we supply and the service we offer.



Suministros Agropecuarios Internacionales S.A. established.




First warehouses acquired in Tarragona.




Infrastructure expanded with the start-up of our first packaging facilities and new premises in Tarragona.


Entry into the Portuguese market.


Exclusive contract signed with our main supplier, CINER GROUP.


SAISA LOGISTICS LDA founded (Port concession in AVEIRO for 25 years. New company-owned premises).

Saisa Logistics


SAISA PORT S.L. founded (Port concession in BILBAO for 25 years. New company-owned premises).

Saisa Port


SAISA MAROC founded (Entry into Moroccan market).

saisa maroc


Suministros Agropecuarios Internacionales becomes SAISA CHEMICALS.

GRP Suites established.


Expansion of the Portuguese concession with a new warehouse.

Our new identity is a symbol of corporate dependability and effectiveness.